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Friday, April 20, 2018

Too Bad Tessie!

She took all of the new clothes off.  Plonked herself down on the recliner and watched TV all morning.

We left and went to an early movie.  I didn't want to listen to her complaining all morning.

We went to see the new movie "Rampage". Good as science fiction flicks go.  Lots of fun.

When we returned home, I made a B line for the back door.

Tessie was too busy watching old TV shows on Netflix. Right now, she is watching "Hart of Dixie.

I went to inspect how the fruit crop is coming.  The pomegranate tree is full of blooms. It looks like we are going to have a good crop.

The fig tree is coming along with a lot of green leaves, but no baby fruit so far.  I do hope we get some this year.  The tiny kumquat  is doing nicely.  Maybe next year we will have a lot of fruit.

Both of the grapevines have grown quit a bit.  No signs of fruit so far.  I don't know if they actually get fruit in the first year.  We shall see.
Last, but not least, I finally have some blossoms on the raspberry bush.  I can't wait to see how these do.  I have had several strawberries but this is the first sign of anything on the other berry bushes that I planted. I am watching them all  like a hawk.

 I want berries!!!!

I am on strike today.  Maybe Tessie will get dressed tomorrow....

See you then.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Built Not to Last!!!

I started the dress that Tessie wanted yesterday at the Witches' meeting.

I put it together today...

I really hated it and Tessie wasn't sure...
She tried on every apron with it... Most just didn't go. The colors were wrong. The patterns to modern.

I told her to turn around and got the excuse to start over and make her a new White Dress...

She was hiding the fact that all of the aprons were too small to fasten at the back with the new dress.  Too many thicknesses of fabric on the new dress.

I told her to wear it for the rest of the day.  I will make her a new white one tomorrow.  Then maybe I will make a couple of jumpers to wear over it when she is not in need of an apron. 

Poor Pitiful Tessie.  She just can't win. I like the white dresses. She doesn't.

I win! Once again. 

The last words I heard from her as I left the room...

Does this dress make me look fat??? I refuse to answer that, on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday and Witches!

Tessie had a lot of fun today.  Not a lot of clothes got finished, but she got to go to the Wednesday Witches meeting today.  Special Treat for her

We got very little done on her dress, but she had a lot of fun showing off the new hairdo for one and all.

She still refuses to wear shoes, even though I am making her some new ones for her dressing room.
I found a couple of purses, a hat stand and several other things that she can use in the new room. I fear that the hat stand will have to be re decorated.  Red and pink will not go well together.

She already informed me of that mistake. I will probably fix it.
She found a lot of kits for purses that were left over from a class. 

To quote her... "Mine! All Mine!!!!"
We still haven't finished the dress, but more about that tomorrow. It will be easy to finish.

She wants it done, so that she can start yelling at me again. 

The first words out of her mouth tomorrow, after I finish will again be "Where's my dressing room???

I can hardly wait!!!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Where's My Dress???

I hate to tell Tessie, but her new dress is at a standstill for a couple of hours.

I picked out a few pieces for her to choose from, but they all could use a good washing.

They have been sitting on a shelf for a number of years.  Sooo.....
 She is going to have to wait for the wash and dry cycles to run.

We both liked these two, so they will probably be what we will use. 
While I am at it, I thought that I would show you a close up of another secret.  The piece of fabric in this photo is a good one to use for petticoats and other places where you can use a plain white fabric or one with very little design in them.

I get it in the men's department at Walmart. 

They are men's handkerchiefs and there are a number of them in every package and they are very reasonable in price.

Anyway, we are going to be sitting here waiting for the washer and dryer to do their jobs.

So I will just say "So long." for today.  See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Gimme a Head of Hair! Long beautiful Hair!!!!

That was Tessie this morning... She watched "Hair" the movie, not too long ago.  So when I went to do her hair she started singing and she sang all through the makeover.

I started with the main hair.  I twisted it to make a  part in the front.  In the back, I put the bun that I made yesterday and one of the pieces of braiding went around the bun.

Then I tried one of the curls in the back.
I ended up with three.  Kota barely tolerated her posing next to him.  I thought a couple of times that he was just going to bite her head off and be done with it...

He behaved himself, so I didn't have to scold him.
Then I went through my findings and cut one apart to make the top of a comb to stick into the top of the curls. 

I then added a bow and that was it.

She is very happy with the do.

Now all I have to do is get her to stand still long enough to dress her.  I don't think that will be hard.  She wants to start shouting orders in the worst way. 

But.... She won't until she is dressed.  She knows when to hold still and when to holler!

I see a couple of spots of glue in the hair.  I had better go see about removing that before she spots it.

Off to more dressing and work.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Waiting For Tessie's Hair to Dry...

We go through this every time that Tessie needs new hair...

She always starts with the blond... Nope. Not her color...
I won't make you go through all of the trying on.

I have just about every color that there is and she always wants to start with the blond...
She always ends up being a red head, over and over again...

We are now sitting here waiting for her hair to dry... again.
While we were waiting, she found this chase lounge. It's not the same material as the rest of the stuff I am going to use in her dressing room, but it might work.  We shall see.  I am not sure if there is enough room...

Anyway, we are taking it one step at a time and this will be one of the last things to go in, if it fits.

I am hoping that it doesn't.  She will want it recovered.  If that happens, I may as well build a new one.  It would be easier than taking this one apart.

Anyway, I am about to stop work for the day and go watch TV with Walter.  We are watching all of the Supernatural episodes from start to finish.  It's kind of like reading a book.  Just a couple of chapters a day.  See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Day in the Garden...

Don't tell Tessie!

I spent the day planting and trimming.  The back yard is looking better and better...

Her hair and clothes, not so much.
I love how the bougainvillea  is coming right along.  The day lilies are planted just to the left of the bougainvillea.
My French Lavender is coming back nicely. I makes the garden smell really good.

Sorry about the hose. It lives just to the right of the lavender.
And Tessie? She is still in a snit because her hair and clothes are still not done. 

The afternoon newscast reported a disaster for us.  Our favorite Mexican restaurant burned pretty badly last night. 

Gayle!  We will have to eat somewhere else when you come out this year...

There are a few others that are ok, but just not the same as Micha's.  I do hope that they can manage to rebuild and get it back to working order soon! We will be waiting!

I am going to work on Tessie tomorrow.  If I don't promise to do it, I might not wake up tomorrow.  She would probably smother me in my sleep! I had better go gather up my tools material and glue now.

See you tomorrow.